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SDET combines the experience and knowledge of European union with personal attention and friendly atmosphere for student. With the help of this combination we gives our student the edge needed to succeed in aviation Industry College, aviation industry and in the professional and personal life.

Student at SDET are provided with top rated programs, facilities and hands on learning from our highly experienced members. We provide a learning environment which is challenging supportive and inclusive.

Our faculty members have been trained world’s leading university.

Affiliation to the European union keeps student up date with the latest innovation and technology in aviation industry and it also bring a global perspective to the college educational environment.

We are in collaboration with many organizations around the global which provide countless opportunities for student to internship, gain domain experience, do research and study abroad.

Learning is a continuous process and our robust academic environment provide the best instructional, cultured and educational facilities for that SDET is driven by exports in the industry.